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World Press: Mysterious disappearance of Israeli recordings and upcoming war between Biden and Netanyahu

International newspapers covered the Israeli war in Gaza from a variety of

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Urgent.. New York Times quotes Israeli military official: Hamas is likely to release about 50 prisoners of dual nationality

Urgent.. New York Times quotes Israeli military official: Hamas is likely to

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China warns of the seriousness of the situation in Gaza, calls for an end to the war

China's special envoy to the east, Chai Jun, advised of the seriousness

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Israeli writer: Hamas cannot be ended because it represents the soul of the Palestinians

In addition to the simple fact that Hamas was tagged in choices

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Lotan: The trap that awaits Israeli soldiers in Gaza in four questions

Israel prepares ground offensive against Gaza The Swiss newspaper Le Temps said

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The number of Israeli army deaths increased in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood

The Israeli army website published the names of 7 additional soldiers killed

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China demands an end to “collective punishment” in Gaza and sends an envoy to the region

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday that Israel's actions in

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An Israeli soldier was killed and others injured in a Hezbollah bombing

This morning, Sunday, Hezbollah launched a rocket attack on an Israeli force,

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Qassams do not kill children.” These are the principles of resistance in war. So what about the occupation?

Between "Al-Qassam Brigades do not kill children," and "These are inhuman beasts,"

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